That Denmark Vibe

I have just come back from a weekend in Denmark (WA) where I gave two author talks and ran a one day workshop. I’ve visited Denmark often and always enjoyed my time there, but this was particularly special.

Around 70 people attended the talks and 20 participated in the workshop, surely a sign that Denmark and environs are extraordinarily bookish places! People listened with such respect and warmth, asked interesting questions and gave wonderfully encouraging feedback.

The writers at the workshop ranged from a mother of toddlers to an 84 year old, all producing fantastic ideas and prose. It was inspiring to be among such enthusiastic and engaged writers and readers.

There were moments of surprise and humour, too, courtesy of an unexpected visitor to Tea House Books. And, of course, there was time to sample delicious local wine and food.

All credit to Denmark Arts, the Shire of Denmark, the Denmark Library and Writing WA for their work making such events not only possible but also so positive.

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  1. Jodie says:

    Hi! I have just enrolled in your UWA Extension for 1st December. I was drawn to your blog and having a lovely snoop about 🙂
    My family are from Denmark, I brought up my two sons there, and my parents and brother still live there. Denmark does have a very special vibe and I miss it terribly. I hope you get back there soon, I know my mother would love to hear you talk about writing for she has it in her blood too.
    Looking forward to meeting you soon.
    Kindest regards, Jodie

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