Reaching One Thousand

‘He’ll grow out of it,’ my friends told me.

‘He’s so intelligent,’ my family said.

‘Your parents are mathematicians,’ people reminded me. ‘What did you expect?’

What did I expect? We expect many things of our children. Most of the time we are only aware of these expectations when something happens to make it impossible for them to be fulfilled.

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Purple Prose

edited by Liz Byrski & Rachel Robertson

Purple Prose introduces fifteen new works of non-fiction by Australian women writers, each responding to the colour purple. In their hands, purple takes on many meanings. From a story about King George’s coronation gown to pigeon fanciers and the Dockers’ Purple Haze, this is a book for women readers everywhere.

Purple Prose features new works by Amanda Curtin, Lily Chan, Hanifa Deen, Sarah Drummond, Lucy Dougan, Tracy Farr, Deborah Hunn, Natasha Lester, Toni Jordan, Anne Manne, Rosemary Stevens, Annamaria Weldon and Jacqueline Wright.

Author Reading

Dangerous Ideas about Mothers

edited by Camilla Nelson & Rachel Robertson

A collection of 17 essays from emerging and established writers and scholars raising dangerous ideas about motherhood, politics, personal experience and ethics. Contributors include Anne Manne, Maria Tumarkin, Danielle Wood, Quinn Eades, Timmah Ball and Catharine Lumby.

Available from UWA Publishing.